Why Choose The Hi-Arch Gambrel Building?

Inside Dumping

  • Hi-Arch Gambrel has a 30’ clearance through the full length of the building.
  • Pole barns usually have 16’ – 24’ clearance – not enough for tractor-trailers, so the salt has to be dumped outside and then pushed in.
  • Domes have a high clearance only in the center, so much of the time salt has to be dumped outside; capacities usually assume that you will use a conveyor to fill the building (an extra piece of equipment to buy, operate, and maintain).
  • See also Inside Dumping & Operation.

Truss Framing

  • Hi-Arch Gambrel has heavy-duty wood trusses that can withstand more adverse weather and operating conditions.
  • Fabric roof has thin metal frames that are more easily damaged by rusting, equipment impact, and wind.


  • Hi-Arch Gambrel has a permanent roof of metal panels over a wood deck, or 30-40 year shingles.
  • Fabric roof is usually guaranteed for only 10-15 years, needing to be replaced 2-3 times as often.


  • Hi-Arch Gambrel has full-length ridge and eave vents for passive ventilation.
  • Domes frequently have fans that use electricity and can deteriorate due to salt dust.

Walls and Foundations

  • Hi-Arch Gambrel walls are designed specifically for salt storage buildings, and the cost is included in budget estimates.
  • Hi-Arch Gambrel estimates also include typical foundations, which can be customized if site conditions require.
  • Fabric roof is often sold independently of wall systems, so that cost has to be added.
  • Fabric roof buildings often lack a front wall, which increases weather exposure, requires a setback for the pile and needs more space to store the same tonnage as a building with a front wall.
  • Pole barns usually include the wall but not the foundation, which has to be separately designed and budgeted. Walls may not be adequate for salt loads and need to be redesigned.
  • Domes have curved walls, making it harder to scoop up all the salt and more likely that equipment will nick and damage the walls.
    Wood or concrete walls can be used for rectangular buildings – see Wall Systems.


  • Hi-Arch Gambrel is the best suited for the addition of a lean-to for equipment storage and other functions.
  • Domes have a shape that does not allow attachment of a lean-to.


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