The Hi-Arch Gambrel™ Building

The Hi-Arch Gambrel BuildingThe Hi-Arch Gambrel™ is a complete, permanent, and economical building designed specifically for sand and salt storage.

It has been proven for over 30 years to meet the storage and operational needs of hundreds of communities, counties, state agencies, and other clients who need a salt storage building.

Major Advantages of the Hi-Arch Gambrel:

  • It gives you lower total costs for construction, operation, and maintenance than any other salt storage building.
  • A complete building includes a roof, wall, and foundation designed for your site.
  • The economical, low-maintenance wall system is reinforced to stand up to loader impact.
  • The roof is a permanent structure with 30-40 year shingles or metal panels over plywood decking; heavy-duty timber trusses are more durable and salt-resistant than metal frames.
  • Primarily wood construction is ideal for a salt storage building – it does not rust or need special coatings to protect it from salt.
  • Typical 12′ high walls and 30’+ internal clearances give you more capacity in less space.
  • Inside dumping of salt maximizes environmental protection and reduces pollution and liability risks.
  • Future expansion is possible.
  • The low-cost optional lean-to protects valuable equipment and supplies from the elements and can be enclosed if needed, making your salt storage building a multi-purpose facility.
  • This time-tested design has been approved by numerous state and local engineering departments.
  • A wide range of sizes and features can be customized to fit your needs, your site, and your budget.