Wall Systems

The walls of the Hi-Arch Gambrel are specifically designed
to stand up to loader impact (yes, even your guys!)
and to support your salt pile.

Wood Walls

You may have seen other buildings, especially pole-type sheds, with wooden tongue-and-groove or plank walls that can “blow out” because they are not adequately designed for salt storage.

Here’s How The Hi-Arch Gambrel Walls Are Different:

  • It’s a treated wood panelized system, with reinforcing studs every 8 inches throughout each panel.
  • The total thickness is 7-1/2 inches.
  • The wood “gives” on impact so there is less wear and tear on your equipment.
  • A panelized system means repairs (if ever needed) can be done easily by your own forces.
  • Wood does not require protective coatings that have to be reapplied frequently.

Our wood walls will meet your needs structurally and cost thousands of dollars less than concrete.

Concrete Walls

The Hi-Arch Gambrel superstructure can be built on a concrete wall just as easily as on a wood wall. Some of our clients have used concrete walls because:

  • The building needed to be set into an embankment
  • The building had to be shoehorned into a very limited site
  • The community preferred concrete for appearance or other reasons

So, yes—if you decide you need a concrete wall, we can do that too.