Size, Capacity & Cost

Everyone naturally wants to know, “How much will it cost?”
(A very important question, especially when you are talking about taxpayer money!)

The cost depends on the size, and the size depends on how much material you need to store, as well as any other functions you want the building to serve.

Why Capacity Matters

Would you consider a building that stores 2,000 tons equal to a building that stores 1,000 tons? We didn’t think so.

The Hi-Arch Gambrel BuildingBut many owners unintentionally make this mistake when shopping around, because they are thinking about square feet and assuming that the same square footage will always give them the same capacity.

The Hi-Arch Gambrel has higher walls and interior clearances than other salt storage structures. This means you can store more per square foot, which means you get a lot more for your money.

Different buildings can have different capacities, depending on

  • Wall height
  • Interior clearance for pile height
  • Whether the front is open or enclosed

Comparing buildings in terms of cost per ton stored will give you a better idea of the best value for your money.

What Do You Need?

That is our primary concern. Tell us everything you can about how much salt you use, whether you mix it with other materials, whether you need to store multiple piles, and anything else about how you want to use the building. Then we can discuss your options for size and layout.

Our building will be customized to fit your storage needs, operational requirements, your site—and budget.

Building Cost

Please call or write us for a custom budget estimate on a building tailored to your needs. The following pages introduce some of the options available to you, so we can have a more productive discussion of your needs.