Advanced Storage Technology, Inc.
Salt Storage Buildings - The Best in Salt & Sand Storage 716-833-6212 x388
Advanced Storage Technology, Inc.
 Salt Storage Buildings 716-833-6212 x388 

Standard Features

Width — most popular: 50', 60', 70' and 80' also possible: 40', 100'

Length — anything in 8' increments

Wall — 12' high crib wall — usually wood, can be concrete

Roof — durable, permanent asphalt shingles or metal panels on plywood deck

Roofing guarantee — 30-40 years or as requested

Clearances — Hi-Arch Gambrel™ truss system provides 30' or more interior clearance in an area 16'-20' wide down the center, extending the full length of the building

Entrance Opening — 30' high x 16' or 20' wide 
Ventilation — full length ridge and eave vents; fans not required

Skylights — translucent panels extending the full length of the building on both sides below roof hip

Foundation — below-grade concrete foundations included in building cost