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Inside Dumping & Operation

The Hi-Arch Gambrel has a minimum 30' clearance so that tractor-trailers can dump salt and other materials under cover throughout the full length of the building.

What benefits does this give you?


  • IT PREVENTS having to dump the salt in the yard and then push it in.
  • IT PREVENTS needing a conveyor to fill the building to capacity.
    prevents lumps and crusts
    saves time since you don't have to break up the salt
    reduces wear and tear on equipment caused by lumps
  • IT PREVENTS RUNOFF from outdoor piles
  • IT PREVENTS DAMAGE to ground water, surface water, wells, soils, and vegetation
  • IT PREVENTS DOUBLE HANDLING, since you don't have to spend time moving salt from the yard to the building
  • IT PREVENTS DELAYS in serving your taxpayers, since material is stored dry and ready to go


And how do these benefits save you money?


  • YOU SAVE MAINTENANCE DOLLARS BY PREVENTING SPREADER JAMS. Outside dumping results in wet/frozen material which clogs your machinery repeatedly. This drives up your maintenance and repair costs.
  • YOU SAVE MORE PAYROLL DOLLARS BY PREVENTING DOWNTIME. You can eliminate hours spent to break through frozen crusts, unclog spreaders, etc.
  • YOU SAVE CAPITAL, OPERATING, AND MAINTENANCE DOLLARS BY ELIMINATING CONVEYORS. Since you can dump directly inside, you don't need an expensive conveyor to fill the building.
  • YOU SAVE LEGAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL COSTS - WHICH CAN BE ENORMOUS - BY PREVENTING RUNOFF. Environmental contamination by salt can lead to investigations, citations, lawsuits, and expensive efforts to compensate for and correct the problem. Preventing runoff can save you money and headaches -- and it makes you a good neighbor, too.