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Why Choose The Hi-Arch Gambrel?

Hi-Arch Gambrel

  • 12' wall and 30'+ clearance allow loaders to stack the salt higher for maximum capacity per square foot

  • more headroom for vehicles working in building

Other Buildings in General

  • lower walls and/or clearances give you less capacity per square foot, so you need a larger area which takes more space on your site, and costs more to pave

  • greater risk of impact with roof system

And Specifically...

Hi-Arch Gambrel

  • full-length 30' clearance for inside dumping

  • no conveyor needed

  • lean-to can be attached


  • limited inside dumping (only in center)

  • outside dumping when center is full means double handing

  • conveyor needed for full rated capacity

  • design does not accommodate lean-to

Hi-Arch Gambrel

  • 30-40 year shingle roof

  • sturdy wood truss frame

  • wall/foundation included

  • lean-to can be attached

  • designed specifically for salt storage facilities

Fabric Roof

  • 10-15 year fabric roof will have to be replaced more often

  • thin metal frame

  • wall/foundation separate

  • design does not accommodate lean-to

PennDOT Replaces All Tarp Buildings

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Hi-Arch Gambrel

  • full-length 30' clearance for inside dumping

  • walls are already designed for salt weight and loader impact

Pole Shed

  • not enough clearance for tractor-trailers

  • walls may need to be modified for salt storage use

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